About Me


I feel lucky to have “The  Best of Both Worlds”. In my 1st “World” are my roots and American memories that are embedded in my heart and my new “World” Italy, has opened my mind, given me change, new experiences and enthusiasm for constant discoveries.

At the age of 50 my family (my husband , my 11 year old son, our two jumbo Alaskan Malamute dogs) sold our home along with all of the accumulated stuff that we had treasured over the years and relocated. I replaced my geographical home about 40 miles north of Detroit for my new home about 60 miles south of Rome to the town where my husband was born. We are still here. My son completed middle school, high school and the University in Rome and is now working in Frankfurt, Germany.

I always thought change was a good thing but ask myself every single day if I was courageous or crazy. There have certainly been challenges but the culture and artistry of this beautiful country have enriched my life.

I am not a professional chef but have great passion for my kitchen. I have always loved to cook, bake and create. I have learned so much by observing, asking and living in a culture that understands and demands the best.

Welcome to my Kitchen Paradiso.